Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Month Seven

Dear Stella,

7 months old Stella June! Can you believe it?? You are getting so big! You are still the happiest baby anyone has ever laid there eyes upon. You giggle at every person possible. You are still in love with your dad, and sometimes I think he is more in love with you than he is me. We took you to the zoo this month and you didn’t care. We took you to the logging competition and you did care. You only care about people paying attention to you. You can almost always be talked out of a bad mood, almost always. You still don’t crawl, and well its sort of funny to watch you perched on your hands and knees and be deathly still because you don’t know what is going to happen if you move. You will get there honey, I promise. More than anything you want to stand and jump. Your Johnny Jump Up is your most favorite toy one can imagine. Its a good thing that you have those thighs, because without them you wouldn’t be able to jump for nearly as long as I would like you to. You still continue to light up Trevor and I’s life with that big smile of yours, and those blue eyes sparkle every time we talk to you. I am hoping that never changes, but I have a feeling 15 years from now you won’t always be sparkling to see us. But I will still be hoping.

I love you Stella.
Love Love

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