Sunday, August 10, 2008

Month Nine

Stella June,

Well Stella June, you are 9 months old today and I can’t believe it. We measured your thighs yesterday and they are as big my arm. And that isn’t saying they are small. You are getting so big so fast. I can’t figure out how to make you slow down. You learned to crawl this last week and it is the funniest thing. You love to scoot around and find all of the electrical items that are plugged in and unplug them and suck on them. I am not certain, but I don’t think thats completely safe. You don’t seem to mind though. You have been enjoying your dad since he has on school break. You want nothing to do with me. It warms my heart to see you have him wrapped around your finger; the two of you are peas in a pod.

This month we bought a hiking back pack for you, I thought you would sleep in it. No way, there is way to much for you to see and you are wide awake on your dads back. Thats good though, you keep each other entertained. Your cousin Finley started speaking a little, and you ask her “What does Stella say?” Her reply “Dada Dada” Yep thats what you say Stella, Dada Dada Dada.

My dear, you are busy. You are very busy. You are interested in everything that you can lay your eyes upon, and honey, it is exhausting. Its good exhausting, like when you have the best ski day of your life and you come home and you can’t move. Its good like that, but you still can’t move at the end of the day. I’ve been moving George the house fern around trying to get him out of your reach, and you sure love him cause you can’t stop eating him. I’ve been reassured that George is not harmful other than strange poop. So I guess I should be worried, except you are destroying my favorite house plant.

It is always so fun to watch you grow and change, even though you do it to fast. You make your father and me better people, you help us be more patient, more kind, happier and more loving. You are the light in our home and we couldn’t be more grateful. We love you Stella.

Love Love

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