Friday, November 14, 2008

24 hour rule

Growing up, and well still to this day, there is this 24 hour rule. Your injured and sick? You have to wait 24 hours and if its still bad, then you can see the doctor. Well, for me, it was 48 hour rule cause I am a whiner. All week I haven't taken my sick, puking, fevering daughter to the doctor. Even though she is puking everything and is napping for 6 hours at a time, I still hadn't taken her to the doctor. What is he going to tell us? She is sick, just give her as many fluids as you can and let the flu run its course.
Well this morning Stella was still puking and I thought I should finally take her to the Doctor. I called at 9am to the doctor in Heber and they had an opening for Stella at 9:30. That is why I love small towns, you can get into the doctor in 30 minutes! We got to the doc and what did he say? She has the flu, keep giving her as many fluids as you can and let the flu run its course. Duh! I already knew that! But at least I won't feel guilty knowing she is still sick and that I didn't do all I could to help her. She is sleeping now, and hopefully will feel better in the morning, the poor thing.
I am so grateful to my parents who took us in last night, as I had contracted the flu virus and was stationed on their cold tile floor for the evening. Thanks for taking care of Stella and I last night, I can't imagine what it would have been like if I had been alone.


  1. geez you guys really got hit hard! I hope you both are feeling better asap!

  2. I have paid over 2 grand this year for medical advice (99 percent of the time the doc tells me my kid has a virus and to just let it run its course). I guess it's a small price to pay for peace of mind, right? PS- you're a mom, don't you know that means your not allowed to get sick!