Sunday, November 16, 2008

Park City Epidemic of 2008

Well, well, well, we are now referring to the past 8 days the horrific Park City Epidemic of 2008. Stella managed to infect all of the Tolberts. Yep that's right, Trace, Hunter, Deb, TJ, Heather, Finley, Trevor, Myself and soon to be Brian and Micall, all were puking their guts out.

Friday night we all went to Bandits for dinner and well we can't ever go back. I picked up Stella after she spilled water all over herself; and well she puked down my back and then down my front filling the cuffs of my pants. I am going to leave out all the gross details. Needless to say, we left the restaurant out the service door with our shirts in a bag and coats zipped up high. It has been a rough week indeed!
Today seems to be better than all the rest, she is slowly getting back to herself and hasn't puked yet today. I have changed 2 wet diapers today! I never thought I would be so excited for a wet diaper, but she has been so dehydrated that there has only been a few all week. We are really sorry for infecting all of you! I hope you all are taking your Airborne and Emergence C!


  1. That is the worst! Whenever my daughter Tyler gets sick, it usually lasts for 10 or so days so I can relate. Every morning I wake up thinking, today is going to be the day she gets better and when she isn't it's so discouraging. Hopefully you are through the worst of it!

  2. :( I'm sorry. I hope all of you are feeling better, especially Stella.