Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love Affair

I am having a love affair with my iPhone. It's true and it's time Trevor knew about it. That little phone is my life line to everything. Trevor doesn't understand why I love it oh so much, so here today in this blog post I am going to state my reasons for adoration!

1. It is sexy as ever
2. It syncs with my mac instantly
3. All my photos at my finger tips
4. Perfect genius play lists on speaker phone
5. Good camera!
6. Solitaire :)
7. Bowling
8. urban spoon, it tells me where to eat when I can't decide
9. Did I mention Speakers? Music in pocket, not in my ear phones
10. Shazam! Helps me win the song game every time
11. Mail whenever I want
12. Safari faster than my parents wireless
13. I can watch when the stock market crashes
14. iTunes at my fingertips
15. Google maps for when I am lost :)
16. A notepad for those moments when its necessary
17. youtube.
18.Remote to my iTunes library
19. Scriptures
20. Pandora on SPEAKERS
21. Facebook anywhere
22. Calendars from now until forever
23. internet shopping whenever
25. Oh yeah, it makes calls.

I do indeed love my iPhone! Sometimes Trev, I love it more than I like you! He won't ever read this, but I'll let him know my reasons.

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