Thursday, November 20, 2008

Terrorist Alert: HIGH

I am happy to announce that my little terrorist is back in action! After 10 days of being sick I wondered if she would ever snap out of it, but boy oh boy did she!
The past 2 mornings she has woken up just delighted to see Dada. He then gives her a bath and feeds her breakfast. It has become my favorite time of day. I get to sleep in just a few moments longer and also watch Trev and Stella become inseparable while fixing eggs for breakfast. She loves eggs, eats all of mine actually. She is back into pulling out all of the toys on the shelf and unfolding all of the dish rags in the drawer. But to her surprise while she was sick, I put a child proof lock on the one cabinet that I couldn't fasten a rubber band too. 15 minutes of her yanking on the cupboard and screaming at it the whole time was oh so amusing, she would glare at me every time I would giggle at her efforts. Eventually she gave up and headed to the magnets on the fridge, still glaring at me. It was one of the moments where she knew that I had won. But she going to make good and sure that I knew the battle wasn't over yet. Stella, I am going to tell you something I told you daddy long ago, I almost always win, and when I don't, its because I've let you win to make the game more fun for me.
Also I am happy to announce that Stella is more me than her dad. Why you ask? Because her new FAVORITE thing is eating the bottle of baby lotion. Yep, she holds it tight with both hands and pops open the lid with her teeth and sucks the lotion out and eats it. Gross I know, but she loves it. I'm sure its going to cause major issues in the end, but for the moment it is absolutely just grossing Trev out. Which again makes me giggle.

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