Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here is my left foot and and my right foot

Ok, of course Dane & Wendy along with the kids they delivered great gifts to the birthday party. Most importantly, (I am choosing to ignore the bag of matches, red bull, magic markers and chocolate), she delivered a great pair of squeaky shoes. They squeak the moment she steps on them. Which lead Stella the moment that Kenny & Tehmi and Dane & Wendy left, to take to walking! She started walking across the room and down the hallway! YAY! My daughter walked before her first birhtday! It was such an awesome day!!! I can't believe she is growing up so fast. I keep thinking about what we were doing a year ago right now and it makes me cry. She was so little then and now she is walking down the hallway!
So sorry for the video, I keep kicking myself that I flipped the camera! YOU CAN'T ROTATE! Damn.
This will have to do until she wakes in the morning and I can get some footage.


  1. sorry for the kink in the neck! I promise to remember not to rotate my camera!

  2. Hey girile! That is the cutest video! So where in sugarhouse do you live?? We are right on 21st and 18th. I cant believe you have a 1 year old! Ben and I need to catch up!

  3. We live really close! we live on 13th S and 17th E! Its really crazy to think she is 1!!!!!

  4. Tehmi! I found your blog on facebook, so I hope you don't mind me following.

    That is AWESOME that she's walking, and I LOVE those shoes!

    Happy Birthday, Stella!

  5. YEAH STELLA! We need to get the girls together now! I'll put Kaylan in her squeaky shoes too!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STELLA! Can't believe it's been a year...