Monday, November 10, 2008

month twelve

Dear Stella,
The balloons are scattered around the house, the new toys are occupying your attention and you started walking yesterday. It has been a busy couple of days for you. You turn 1 years old officially at 11:40 am today. I have been thinking a lot about this over the past few weeks. You don't even seem like a baby anymore, you are a little girl who walks and talks! Your jabbering has become unreal. I swear I can understand you sometimes when you are just sitting there yakking away. It melts my heart.
This last year has been a fast whirlwind of excitement. From the moment we brought you home and Trevor and I looked at each other and said "Where do we set her down? What do we do with her now?" To you walking across the room to us. We have been so lucky with you, and I can't figure out what we did to deserve you! You are always happy, seriously we are afraid to have any more children because you are so great, we are thinking we should quit while we are ahead.
You love people, all people. When everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" last night your eyes lit up in pure excitement. You knew they were there for you, and that they all love you. You actually think that everyone loves you and one day I am afraid that you are going to get kidnapped because you will hang out with anyone. I am going to have to teach you about stranger danger much sooner than I anticipated.

Although you have been an absolute terrorist today, I am claiming that you are coming down from the sugar high of yesterday, I love you with all of my heart. You are the greatest thing to happen to Trevor and I. I can't imagine my life with out your giggle and smiles. Happy 1st Birthday!

Love Love

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  1. Ya! Im so excited you got a blog!! She is so cute, it was so good to see you saturday!