Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekends with the Marsh Fam

Yay! Ken & Tehmi came to town this past weekend! (I'm sorry your post of terrificness is pushed after Stella June's birthday and walking extravaganza, but well, I love her more.) It was a busy birthday week, Alex, Wendy and Stella June all share the great day of November 10 for a birthday! Julie and Grandpa Grant joined in for the festivities! A few photos to share eh? Indeed I do!
Could this be why she was ill all day long?
An ice cream cone at 9pm? More on that to come...
Dane, Wendy, Trevor and I
Grumpa Kenny's Hat
Yes I am fully aware that she doesn't have any
shoes on, and I am blaming it on Tehmi 1.
We had a really great trip and were sad to see everyone leave. Thanks so much for coming out for Stella's big day! We love you!

Kenny, Julie, Wendy, & Grant
Oh, you wonder where the rest of the Marsh
children were? Out of town, all of them. shh, it was
really nice to not have to share Kenny and Tehmi

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