Sunday, November 30, 2008

High Low

We went to St. George to spend turkey day with my Grandma Beth and Grandpa Stan. 5 days with my family is exhausting, I think my grandpa was shaking his head at us on day 1. But we always have played the game High Low. Everybody goes around and states what your high for the day was and your low. We have been playing this for probably 10 years now, part of the nightly routine I guess. So here are my High Lows from St. George:(there will be many :))

High: The food. Everytime I turned around there was something terrific to eat. I gained 6 lbs on day 1. It will take a few more bicycle rides to get back into that bridesmaids dress...

Low: ATE WAY TO MUCH FOOD, and its your fault Gram. STOP COOKING!

High: Gramps bought a skeet shooter so we could continue the tradition of shooting thousands of clay pigeons in the desert! Everyone brought their guns and cases of shells and skeet and we spent the entire day shooting everything! Alex and Chase were able to come with us, which made it even more fun. Even though Alex is a way better shot than me, I'm still glad they came.

Yay! Stella joined us! And she was a champ!

We are really good shots!
Hunk of Burnin' Love
Playing Annie Oakley
And this years Annie Oakley Champion 3 times in a row:

Low: I used to be a good shot, but this year, I had lost that magic touch only shooting about 60%. Bummer.

High: Bicycle rides. We went on this really great ride out to Ivins then up near Snow Canyon and back. It was an easy, mellow 15 miles. The kind of ride that makes me miss riding my bicycle. Also a high, getting upty up TJ into spandex.

Low: Stella didn't join us on the bicycle ride:(

High: We played this game called "Would You Rather". It had some awesome challenges, here is a clip of my brother, the wierdo doing the flight of the bees: You will now understand my grandpa shaking his head.

Low: My mother did a dance as well, and I'm not going to frighten you with the video footage. Also I had to last 2 minutes with a pickle between my lip and nose. It was rather difficult with my dad whispering in my ear and laughing way to hard.

High: Playing golf at Sun River! Mic, TJ, Alex, Chase, Trev and me all played golf on Saturday. It was great weather and so much fun! Unfortunately Trevor and I are solid bogey golfers. It does make it fun though, cause he doesn't completely destroy me.

Low: On Hole 16 we were about 200 yards out and Trevor is across the fairway walking towards his ball. I line up with my fairway wood and hit a not so perfect shot, well what do you know by the time I bring my head up, I only have about 2 seconds to yell Trevors name to get out of the way. I drilled him in the back of the leg about 4 inches below his butt. He dropped to ground laughing all the way. I felt so terrible. Today Trev has a solid black circle where I hit him. My bad!!

It was a really great Thanksgiving, Stella was a dream. She slept well, and was happy as a clam! She just wandered around the house enjoying everyone. She is walking like crazy towards everyone! It is really fun!
Love Love


  1. that video of brian is hilarious! i would have liked to have seen this. you guys have fun!

  2. Tehmi, this is so out of the blue- but this is Ashlee (boley) Boren and I was looking on Jane Cluff's blog and clicked on your and had to say Hi! I didn't know you had a littly girl- She is Darling. It is crazy what a few yars of marriage will do. You guys look to be doing good. Happy Holidays.