Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Historic Day: November 4, 2008

ya ya ya, Obama becomes President whatever. More importantly I was working yesterday at my kitchen table and Stella was sitting by the bookshelves. Her new thing is to stand on one foot and kneel on the other... Well that lead to squatting like a frog. I wasn’t really paying attention to her, she was just playing with her toys. What do you know I turn to look at her and she is standing! Yeah she went from a frog squat to a stand and then... she took her FIRST step. I got so excited scrambling for my phone to call Trev that she sat down, but then with a big grin on her face started clapping! I know my sanity is about to go out the window when she starts walking, but it was so awesome to just see her standing in the middle of the room. Not holding onto anything or crawling. Standing. AH! It was a big day in our house and I spent the next 4 hours before bed trying to get her to duplicate it for Trevor and my camera. No such luck. This girl apparently likes to do things on her time schedule.
I’ll keep you posted on this new development.

On a political note, Huntsman wins by 78%??!?!? Proposition 8 passes and so does my vote to RENEW THE ZOO! Unfortunately Tina Fey will no longer be Sarah Palin, which brings a tear to my eye... SNL will go back to being irrelevant again. bummer.

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