Sunday, December 14, 2008


um, so my little sister is getting married on Tuesday. Yep. My LITTLE sister is all grown up and getting married. It seems weird and awesome at the same time. It is a good thing I really like TJ otherwise it wouldn't be very much fun. Yesterday we went through the temple with Micall and it was one of the neatest experiences I've ever had. Just to watch her be all smiley and nervous at the same time was fantastic. She and I haven't always been friends with each other; but since she has fallen in love with TJ and become a girl we have become really close friends. But because I don't have friends*, its been great to spend time with her. I am really proud of her and the big giant steps she is taking. She will be a great wife and mother. I love you!
Oh TJ, if you make her cry I will Junk Punch you. Then Stella will bite you, and that hurts.
*Facebook says that I have lots of friends Micall.

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