Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Godderidge

Micall and T.J. were sealed together yesterday in the Salt Lake Temple. After surviving a blizzard and a traffic jam the bride arrived only 45 minutes late to her own ceremony. What a debacle! But the weather cleared out after we took pictures, gee thanks weather! They both looked fantastic! In fact everyone was pulled together! They looked great! My camera broke at the reception, and I am completly destrought over the situation. But I was able to retrieve the photos but they are few and far between. I'm sure I can convince Micall to start her own blog and you can follow from there!
Deb did a beautiful job at the reception, everything looked amazing! and Well June bug was once again a dream child! I can't figure out how we got so lucky to have her. She just wandered around by herself at the reception. From people to people. Every once in a while checking in with me. She is at the very least a social butterfly. But we might have worn her out, we got her home a little before midnight and she crashed and slept until 11 this morning and still is enjoying her afternoon nap.
Here are few photos from the blessed event!

Ok, so Micalls dress was this fantastic heavy silk. Silk and water, not such the great combo. Because the ground was soaking wet and it couldn't touch the water I held the dress up. In every picture I am up close and personal with my sister. Hiding behind the bride and groom holding the dress above my head. It was great! At one point I got the worst cramp in my leg from squating in my really hot leopard print heels. Things we do for fashion.
They are made for eachother....Enjoying the snow!
oh, my baby sister is all grown up and looking spectacular!

Stella was a doll all evening!

Aren't we a cute coordinating family? I think so.

Lori Tolbert did the flowers, and they are so terrific! When I first saw them, I cried!
All I ate for most of the evening was gummy green apples! Love green color coordinated candy!
You better believe the cake was an exact replica of the table cloths, we coordinate everything, never missing a detail!


  1. WOW!!!! Gorgeous wedding, you all look perfect!!

  2. So pretty! Her dress and the bridesmaid dresses are fantastic! I can't believe Mic is married... wow.