Wednesday, December 10, 2008

month thirteen

Oh Stella,
What a month it has been! You have become a toddler in all areas, it seems there is no baby left in you. You are walking around everywhere, in fact this morning you were pacing in front of the Christmas tree. I wondered if you were plotting to destroy it or something. You didn't touch it or anything you just kept walking back and forth in front of it all morning long. Then after your nap you found your coat that was on the back of the chair and put the hood on and started to waive bye bye at me and went to the front door. Its a good thing you haven't figured out how to open that one, or you would have been one cold half naked kid on the loose. I'm not counting that situation out yet, I'm pretty sure you will mark it off your list. You continue to be the most delightfully funny child I have ever seen. If you want our attention and we are holding you, you curve your head around until we are looking eye to eye. You are getting very good at communicating what you want. You came up to me today screeching at me with an empty cup you found in your drawer. You were thirsty.

Although this month you learned how to be demanding. I wonder where you get it from? Its been a rough few weeks never the less. I had been enjoying your independence in the past, you just puttered and did your own thing. But recently you want to do what I do, all day long. Which means you want to stand at my feet reaching and screeching. As much as I enjoy it I am hoping it won't last.

Your hair is now out of control, its past your nose and if I don't pin it back when its wet you spend the remaining day looking like a homeless child. A cute homeless child. Usually when your dad gets you out of the tub he forgets/chooses not to do your hair.

You have fallen in love with Bampa Trace, and he becomes a babbling idiot around you. I took you to the farm a few weeks back and you headed straight to his office jabbering "Bampa" the whole way there, unfortunately he wasn't there and you spend a solid minute glaring at the empty desk. I couldn't stop laughing. It is so great to watch grown men melt in your little hand, its only going to get worse in the future I'm sure. Kenny and Trace melt at the sight of you, and those two are hard to crack, I fear for what happens when you are a teenager.

You are continuing to melt me and your fathers heart and you make our home chaotic and terrific all at once. We love you June Bug.

Love Love

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