Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I am so excited this year for Christmas! It has been so fun to decorate a house for Christmas. Deb has taught me well and even though in all my years of tree decorating I have put up my 3 ornaments and sat on the couch with Trace. This year though, I love you mom*, but my tree might have out done yours... Your busy though with the wedding and everything happening next week, its ok to not have a 15 foot tree. But you've taught me well!
Our little family went tree hunting (by tree hunting I mean we went down to Nibley Park and bought one) and found a great tree! I knew it was going to be perfect, but I wanted to be sure so I made the sweet tree man pull out 10 more to prove that it was uber perfect. It is.
Even though I have been really worried about little terrorist and the perfect tree, she hasn't paid any attention to it. Like it doesn't even exist, which is awesome but I am so sure thats not going to last, especially once I put presents underneath it.

Here is the Christmas Tree 2008:

* My moms tree is really gorgeous, but so different than trees she normally puts up, which are tall and skinny with lots of room to decorate. This years tree is nice and fat, and still looks terrific!


  1. The christmas tree is beautiful. You have such a cute little family

  2. Love the tree!!! Good work! also the new pics at the top are so cute!

  3. I'm glad you put up pics of your tree. It is very cute!