Thursday, January 29, 2009

HELP Needed!

Any and All readers of this blog, I am on the search of a daycare or nanny for Stella. I have now been asked to go into work an extra day a week, which is to much of a burden to rotate Stella around to my loving and willing family members. If anyone is interested in making some extra money or knows of anyone please let me know! I need somebody soon and preferably in the Salt Lake area.


  1. This isn't a full solution but I'd love to take Stella a day a month. It would be great playdates for Finley.

  2. I am responding to your ad. I am looking for some extra money and would love to take care of your child. I am 20 yrs old. Been to prison twice but for small felony's. I am addicted to heroine which shouldn't be a problem because I will shoot up before I come over. I have had my driver's license revoked so I hope I don't need to drive her anywhere. I have an excellent recipe for baby food, you add a little bit of weed and they sleep ALL afternoon it is wonderful! Well Please let me know if I have the job it really would be great time! Thanks Sincerely
    Hobo Krisann

  3. wow, I'd take her up on it!! I mean really, she sounds fun and responsible. How can you pass up sleeping all afternoon? Maybe get the recipe and you won't need a babysitter.

  4. All of you remind me to never ever ask Mic to babysit Stella. And to have a chat with TJ about getting her under control. Clearly there is some parts of her we don't see often, like the hobo Krisann