Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today was Stella's first day at the new sitters house. Last week my job functions and role changed significantly and I was asked to come into the office twice a week instead of just the once a week. I had been half heartedly looking for a nanny or a daycare for about a month. It was just becoming to much to coordinate and to much of a burden to pawn Stella off on whom ever was available. I had interviewed several people but they were all asking to much. I even got a Hobo wanting to sit Stella. But after a few more searches and a few more references I found the most PERFECT daycare situation and I am so excited about it. I am excited to go back into the office for 2 full days and get to feel productive and a part of something again. The day care is a lovely stay at home mom whose husband is just finishing up at BYU. She has 2 children, ages 2 and 6 months. She decided to go back to work but couldn't find anything that made taking her own children to daycare worth it. So she got all the appropriate certifications and set out to start her own day care. She takes a 4 year old girl and her 3 year old brother and Stella. That's it. Just the 5 kids in a clean house with lots and lots and LOTS of books and toys. I dropped her off this morning for the first time and she ran in like it was heaven. I might have cried at few tears when I left, but when I arrived back this evening to pick her up she ran towards me and gave me a big bear hug. I might have cried a few more tears. Our schedules will now be very busy as we go leave early and come home late but it will be great. We will have to be much more organized and dialed. But it will be good for all us. Thanks for all of your help!


  1. I;m glad you found something that you feel great about! It will teach Stella so much being with those kids! Good luck with the whole working thing too...

  2. I bet she has a better lunch than all the other kids. :)