Monday, January 12, 2009

month fourteen

Dear Stella,
Month fourteen has been my favorite month thus far Stella June. You have been such a social little butterfly. Your attention span is growing, which is so terrific. This week in church, you sat on my lap for 23 minutes! 23 MINUTES! I was watching the clock like a hawk waiting for you to squirm out of my lap. You waited and waited until after they passed the sacrament. We just read books about puppies and kittens and you sat quietly only giving a few "woof woofs". FANTASTIC. You will bring me a cup of apple sauce and yell MOM until I open it for you. It sure is making it easier to know what you want. Except when you decided to take your diaper off because it was dirty. A mess that I won't go into details on until the week before Mother's Day and I am needing to refresh your memory on all the things I have done for you.
You have been puttering back and forth from all ends of house carrying one thing or the other and jabbering to me the entire time. Mom this, or Mom that. You will walk up to me and say "Up" then when I pick you up you will say "Down". You scream "Hun-tor" whenever we get in the car, I'm sure you think we are going to go see him. Either him or "Bam-pa" Your love for your grandpas has turned them into babbling idiots. You walk into the room and give them hug and they melt into your little hand. A gift I thought I would have to teach you when you were much older. In fact we were out to dinner and you were walking back to the car and stopped to flirt with a group of grumpy old men. You had every single one of them cooing at you, flirting your heart out already. Your dad is already very concerned with the way people fall in love with you already. I'll do my best to contain him in your teenage years.
A few weeks ago Uncle "Dord" had a baby and you LOVE her. You were so enamored with her, kept saying "etty baby, etty baby" When we got home you went straight to your cradle and picked up two of the babies you got for Christmas. Baby. Baby. Baby. Every where we see a baby you start screaming "Baby, Baby, Baby" occasionally throwing in a "Dord".

This month we taught you how to brush your 7 teeth. Now when I am brushing my teeth you are doing exactly what I am doing, including the spitting. But you usually spit onto the ground. We will work on that. You also decided that you and only you wanted to feed yourself. I have been waiting as long as possible to let you have the reins on the spoon and for good reason. You are a disaster with a cup yogurt and a spoon. You will not let anyone help you with the spoon, and if I try you just throw it at me. Which works out as well as you can imagine...

Stella, this month we made cookies together. It was probably one of the most proud, joyful moments I have ever had. You sat on the counter with your little apron on and ate the chocolate chips and banged a wooded spoon on the mixer. You smiled and giggles and were completly in love with the end product. You have now been screeching for the cookie jar from the moment you wake up. Its a good thing your dad finished them, otherwise you would have eaten them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few more days.
Thank you so much for being a bubble of happiness in our home. You are our favorite.
Love Love

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