Monday, January 19, 2009

Pie, Me oh My, I Love Pie

I had an itching to make a mess this weekend and Boy oh Boy did I make a mess. Stella and I made Pie. Lots and Lots of Pie. One day this is all I will do at my bakery. There is something about making pie that makes my heart giggle. Usually while baking pie, I sing a few little pie songs. The first one is for you dad, after I sang this song I threw in a Michael amount of sugar in the apple pie for you :)

And the lovely little lullaby I sing to Stella when I am rocking her to sleep involves Pie. I'm teaching her early all of my secret recipes. I've been singing this to her since the very first time we were alone in the hospital while Trevor was getting food and she fussed. She calmed down and looked at me for the very first time liked she knew that I was her mom. Or maybe that she was going to love baking Pie as much as I do. Either way, I love it.

The mess we was giant, but the pie was perfect. I can't wait to make more!
Notice that I am using 2 kitchen aids and a food processor? Yep, a mess indeed!

Stella hanging out down the hall
Stella was in love with the cup of Diet Coke flavored ice cubes. Kept her entertained for hours.
A perfect pie crust!

French Apple
Chocolate Cream
Coconut Cream (My favorite and I think it might have been the best of the day :))
Lemon Sour Cream, Everyone loved it so much I made another one for Sunday Dinner
It was one of the best Saturday's I have had in a very very long time!


  1.'re killing me! How do you not weight a million pounds? They look delicious!

  2. Your pie was great and they looked pretty too! Sometime you'll have to come to my house and teach me how to make something yummy.

  3. Tehmi I love your food! Good ol days back in your old house when you made us yummy lunches!