Monday, January 26, 2009

To much kitchen

I have been on a kick the past week or so where I have been cooking like crazy. But I knew it was going to be a bad batch of pies when there were people around questioning me, distracting me, along with Stella screeching at me. I'm not sure where to begin on the kitchen disaster. I mis-measured the coconut milk for the coconut creme pie, the coconut creme pie got broken while chilling in the fridge. I then was cleaning the dishes, (yes mother I was cleaning the massive mess) and well I was pushing the egg shells into the drain as I was turning on the disposal with my hand in the water and got electrocuted. Following the scream that woke the young one it dropped me to the ground as even my toes were burned. Living in an old house sure does have its disadvantages sometimes. Oh that's not enough, I was toasting the coconut for the pie and as I was siting resting with Trevor he asked "Are you cooking something?" I replied completely put off that he would even second guess my pie making abilities (It had been a long day with Stella screeeeeeching at me). I get up to the oven and can't figure out why the back burner is smoking. I know I didn't turn it on. I look in the oven and what do I see? Flames. Flames. Flames.

After we put the fire out, I picked up a dishtowel and sliced open my finger on a knife that was hiding underneath it. I think I am going to retire from the kitchen for a little while. We might need to eat some more Mcnuggets until I feel like I can venture back.

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