Thursday, February 12, 2009


Wow. It has been a busy week. I was reprimanded from my dad that I do not blog enough. In fact I believe the exact words were " You are a bad blogger." Hmm. May I direct your attention to your other children? Thank you, you can apologize later :).
We have had a dramatic week here at the Marsh household. Our niece Madden was in the hospital with RSV and I did not like it. Being in the hospital, a children's hospital none the less was the saddest sickest thing I've ever watched. I came home and slept with Stella in the rocking chair and was so very grateful for her health and happiness. Madden came through like a champ and only spent a few nights there. Jordan is being a great Dad. I am getting calls at 7:30am to tell me that Madden puked on the bed. Great Jordan, wash the sheets and give her a bath. I always hang up the phone laughing out loud. He just wants to make sure that he is doing it all right. And aparantly that always needs a second opinion. I'm alright being that second opinion. I know that every day, especially while pregnant, my Mom is that second opinion and it is what got me through the day. If I can be that for someone else, then we are back to square one and I can whine again.
Not only did we have a few days in the hospital, but work has been KICKING MY BUTT. I've left my computer screen black and blue every night. We downsized at our company and I've taken on a few new jobs. Which means I am wearing my reading glasses all the time. I feel like I'm old and blah with my glasses on my nose trying to focus. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It feels good to work hard again and be a part of something that has such amazing potential. I really do love it. I mean whats not to love, the commute 3 days a week is less than 20 steps!
Stella has been doing well this past week. Just relaxing living the dream...

I hope next week will be less stressful and I can blog on a more appropriate timeline for my father!

Love Love


  1. I , like your father, wondered about your blogging this last week. I got tired of checking the blog and seeing Stella's lunch sack, cute as it was. I will not say you are a bad blogger, but I really like it when you are a great blogger. Love the pictures and comments. Keep it up. (Regularly please!)

  2. I'm not gonna lie the lunch sack is just nearly as cute as Stella so I appreciate the updating!! See you tomorrow!!! YAY!

  3. just NOT nearly as cute ....oops