Friday, March 6, 2009

Liquid Gold

Trevor wants to know why so many?

Because you can NEVER have to many bottles of Mexican Vanilla, and No I will not share Mother. In fact if anyone is going south of the border any time soon I would love a few more bottles of this Liquid Gold!!!


  1. I NEED some more!!! Why can't you share. Do I need to remind you that I gave birth to you and it wasn't easy!

  2. No way MOM! I'm not sharing!!! You should have asked someone to bring you home some!

  3. Teach that man of yours that there is NO SUCH THING as too much Mexican vanilla! But maybe your mom has a point -- giving birth to you was a challenge. One teensy weensy bottle??? PS - What was the name of that pizza joint downtown in KY in the old cathedral where we went before Kenny Chesney? Tyler and I were having a "discussion" about this the other day.