Sunday, March 8, 2009

What am I gonna do?

Bampa Kenny is in town for the weekend. Its so fun to have him here! Stella loves it, she screams Bampa, Bampa, Bampa! She has Bampa wrapped around her finger so much that he is stealing her for a week. He leaves on Tuesday to head back to Denver and he is taking her with him. He will bring her back Saturday morning. Gasp. That means 5 days with no Stella. Ya. No Stella.
I need your help with some ideas of what to do without her! It will be fun, but I'm nervous to not have my little shadow. Don't you worry, I am excited for the week without her but Gram & Gramp Marsh are thrilled for her to terrorize Denver!
Love Love

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  1. You should definitely go shopping in peace all by yourself (even if it's just grocery shopping) and enjoy some lovely naps... better yet, sleep in!