Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Month Sixteen

Dear Stella,
Today you turned 16 months old, and you left me. I cried just a little as you went through the airport without me. More than anything I don't like that you left me out of the party. I am missing a social event and that makes really jealous. Even though I'm having my own party here, I still miss you.

We've had a few breakthroughs this month and it has been awesome. Last night we went to a funeral viewing and you fell asleep in my arms. Yes. You fell asleep in my arms. Gasp. That hasn't happened since you were 5 months old. It was really nice to feel you in my arms even as they were going numb from carrying you around. Then today during the funeral you fell asleep in my arms and it wasn't even boring. Your attention span is growing and growing. You will now sit in our laps and play with us. Your favorite new game is Peek-a-boo. You will finally cover your eyes and not your ears, and you say boo. But you wait for us to be scared before you say boo. You can play "Patty Cake", You like to throw your arms up in the air the whole time!
Not only is you attention span getting bigger, you are comprehending more and more. Which is so much fun! Now you are my little friend and not just this bundle of adorable blue eyes and curly hair who poops and eats and says "Eh, Eh, Eh". You now go get toys and bring them to me, or you bring me a new diaper so we can change the messy one. We go on walks and no stroller is necessary because you are running in the right direction. You understand that its cold outside when its "No-ying". You want to keep your shoes on, and you know how to put your coat on. You like to have pants on instead of just being nakey. You talk on the phone to everyone who will listen, jabbering about everything you can think of. You know that the computer is where "Bampa" is when we are at home; thats where we iChat with him. Stella you are not a baby anymore, you are my little girl and we couldn't be more thrilled about it!

We never have to guess what you are thinking, its written all over your face. More than anything this month those facial expressions have become more hillarious. You make those big eyes of yours even bigger when you raise your eyebrows and bow your head. When I tell you that we are going to see "Hun-TER" the exictement in your little body can not be contained. When we drive down the lane in Heber, you start to pry yourself out of the car seat so you can get there sooner. I love that you know exactly where we are going the moment we drop over Jordanelle and you can see the Heber Valley. "Bampa" and "Hun-TER" just start spewing out of your mouth along with excited gasps! Stella, you do need to work on saying "GRANDMA" It's getting a little ridiculous that you can't say that. Sometimes you say " Mama Deb" But it sounds so much like, "Mom and Dad" that nobody is buying it. You do sometimes say "e-hmi", but I'm not sure if you are talking to me or Tehmi 1. We've got to get that confusion cleared up June Bug.

This last week we were out to dinner and they had chocolate milk on the kids menu and we realized you've never had chocolate milk before. When it came it had a crazy straw in it and when you started to suck it out. You raised your eyebrows as high as they could go and made your baby blues as big as they could be and enjoyed gulps and gulps of the decadent milk. Then when you pulled the straw out of your mouth you said " W-O-W". And continued to drink the rest of it. I nearly pee'd my pants laughing at you, even as I write this, it makes me laugh.
Stella you are continuing to be the funnest thing in our life. I just can't imagine how you can be funnier, but i'm sure in the coming months you will out do yourself.

Love Love

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  1. Such a big girl... bobbing around the country without her mama! what a jetsetter! she is darling!