Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well what do you know I take Stella to Heber this weekend so she can see "Un-Ter!!!" and what does he do? He breaks her. He broke Stella. He was chasing her around outside on his adult sized tricycle (yes, I'm not sure why he has an adult sized tricycle) and then he clips her heel and she goes down breaking the ground with her face. I hear a scream and walk outside to find her bleeding from the head. It broke my heart. She only cried for a brief moment, in fact by the time she got in the house she was unfazed. We went to Finley's birthday party afterward and she acted just fine, not a care in the world. She is one tough kid that's for sure.
This morning it looked better than I thought it was going to look, I thought for sure we were going to have another black eye. Who knows, it might get there.
I promise this one was not my fault, it was Hunter's. He broke her . So when you call family services remember to blame Hunter and not Trevor and I. He is now going to be making it up to us and Stella until the scabs are gone and the scar has started to fade.
Sorry Stella! I promise to make sure we keep neosporin and vitamin E on it, even though it makes your father queasy.

This was last night as we put her to bed:

This was this afternoon after church:


  1. Stella is way tougher then you Tehm she will be fine!! That isn't even bad! You described so much worse to me on the phone!! Scars are cool anyway!

  2. No Micall, scars are not cool, especially on her face. And for a 1 year old whose favorite uncle trips her, its a pretty bad face digger.

  3. Poor baby... remind me to keep Kennedy away from Hunter! Just kidding... I love that boy. He is so sweet to Cooper.
    Anyway-- stock up on neosporin! Wishing Stella songbird a speedy recovery. It's already looking better!