Tuesday, March 24, 2009

twenty five things

Facebook has been tagging me left and right for a survey of twenty five things about me. I have be promptly ignoring this tag because I just didn't want to do it. Since I received a tag from my sister I thought I would do it. But one more glitch, I am currently hating facebook since recent upgrades (Anyone else with me on that?) so I thought I would post my twenty five things here.
In no particular order here they are:
1. I don't like chocolate chips in breads or really even in cookies. Especially in pumpkin bread or cookies.
2. I like to garden. This year I am moving out of pots into a real garden, I'm excited to grow my own ingredients.
3. I am addicted to Diet Coke. I blame my mother.
4. I could bake bread all day long.
5. I like road trips.
6. I love interesting, flavorful foods.
7. I wish I saw more movies, I really like them
8. I am trying to spend less time on the Internet, its not working so well
9. I love my birthday, and if it doesn't go as planned I call for a do-over
10. I have a really, really small and weak bladder. Its very inconvenient.
11. I usually can see through peoples bull crap, including Trevor's
12. I have had a framed picture of Trevor on my dresser since sophomore year of high school
13. I am high maintenance, but can maintain myself.
14. I believe swimming pools are meant for floating around with grapes and Diet Coke and not swimming
15. I don't really love meat. I ate the more meat in the last 3 months of pregnancy than I have eaten in whole life.
16. I am emotional.
17. I have a bunion.
18. I am scared to have more children, but want more
19. I love green peppers but HATE, HATE red peppers.
20. I don't eat breakfast during breakfast hours, usually I will eat it at night.
21. I don't like to get out of bed, 20 more minutes is always needed
22. I love Fleetwood Mac
23. I like TV, almost to much
24. I have a hard time focusing
25. I like to talk on the phone when I'm driving home from work, but not on the way to work.


  1. Always glad to hear a shout out for stevie nicks :) good seeing you last night.. and the rest of your crew.. bumps, bruises and all!! Kiss her better for me!

  2. i find this hysterical because it so very true!