Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Hippity Hop

I know you all are just dying to know about how my Easter went. Its one of those holiday's that when its over you know your Feeds box in your email will be busting open because everyone wants to tell you how awesome their kids egg hunt was and how much they love their family. I delayed my post this time because I didn't want to you to get distracted with all those other posts. I wanted your undivided attention here. So I forgot, its ok it's just a few days late.
Last year we celebrated Easter like you would on Easter, just a week later. More or less a do-over because it wasn't a Tolbert year for the holiday. Trace surprised his granddaughters with adorable seersucker dresses. Everyone went to church in my parents ward and had a delightful time.
This was last year:
Finley is 1 years old, Stella is 4 Months and Bampa is distinguished.

Notice how they all have the same haircut?

This year we enjoyed a lovely Easter in Heber with everyone! I made cheesecake the girls spent the entire time with Hunter on "Walks" We might have watched a lot, OK A LOT, of golf. What better way to spend Easter?
Here are this years photos:
This year Bampa didn't supply the Easter dresses, but yet somehow on two separate occasions at two separate stores two different mom's bought the SAME Easter dress. Love it!
Deb is sitting quietly with the calm child, and Trace is holding on for dear life because Stella is taking him down. huh, I'm shocked that Stella would wiggle; Ironic.

Interesting, they all have the same haircut this year too.

We really did have a great weekend with everyone, we played golf, ate lots of food, some went to a Jazz game, some hung out with me ( a way better option) and everyone participated in the golf tournament around the yard; Trace of course dominated and won. But he didn't get the hole in one on the island green. I did. :)

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  1. darling pics and darling dresses... heard the matching dress story! great minds think alike!