Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hoppy Easter

Stella ventured on her first Easter egg hunt of the season! Gram Beth made it great! Thanks Gram! Love You!

Stella even got to make her very own Easter Bunny! Then she ate him!

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  1. Man she's cute. The SLC half marathon is this Saturday. You said it runs right through your neighborhood. So I would appreciate it if you could bake something up for me...wait for me to shuffle by your house...and share your freshly baked treat. Any kind pie, cookie, cake, ice cream would do. If you don't like to bake before 8 a.m. I would understand...a Diet Coke would suffice. Just kidding...kind of. Either way, we want to see you while we are in Utah. Give us a call...via Gma...and we will get together.