Friday, April 10, 2009

month seventeen

Oh Stella,
I feel like I was just writing last months letter. Time is flying! It's almost time to spend the days outside in the sunshine floating in a pool. We took you to St. George so we could, ok so I could, feel the sunshine. The last month of winter is always a hard one for me. I miss the sunshine and the warmth. So we packed up and headed to St. George and Vegas for a little meet and greet with our friend the swimming pool. I was so excited for you to come hang out at the pool with Kassie and I. You did great. You didn't care about the water. You just wanted to wander around with your water bottle and diet coke can from lounge chair to lounge chair. After about 2 hours you climbed up into your stroller and said "Nigh Nigh". I just wanted to squeeze you with excitement because I could continue to lay there with a magazine.
Unfortunately your good demeanor is slipping. You have decided that flinging yourself on the ground and rolling around screaming is the way to get my attention. You were playing with a golf club at Sports Den and when your dad took it away it was like the end of the world. You stomped your feet, got down on your knees, flung yourself on the ground then pounded your fists. You squoze out a few tears in the mix. Then you got up and walked up to your dad and continue to pound your fists on his leg. We both just looked at you and laughed then cried alittle. The next years of our life might be more exhausting then the last. Your vocabulary is growing like crazy. You can say "Yeah" now. I never thought I would be so thrilled to hear that word, but after months and months of "No" it is music to me ears. Our conversations now go like this: "Stella, do you want some string cheese?" "Ya Mom! Cheeez! Ya!" It makes me smile. You can now tell me what the Cow, Horse, Dog, Cat, Frog, Fish, Pig, Wolf, and Bird says. You tell me everytime you see one. When we are driving down the road and you see a Bird, POW! POW! You kill it. When we see cows in the field, MOOO. When you read The 3 little pigs, OWWW, sniff sniff. You can fold your arms in church and tell us when to "Shh"
When "Bampa" is bugging you, you wave your index finger at him and say "No No Bampa, No No" At least someone is telling him no. You are becoming such a big girl now. I could go on and on about all the things you are learning to do. You tell me when you are ready to go "Nigh Night" and when you want "Jooce". You love your "Noodo's""Piz" and "Eegs. Without all those flinging your body on the ground moments you are a delight!
We love you June Bug!

Love Love

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