Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

A week ago it was my birthday, I am requiring a do-over because I worked 21 hours. I have yet to schedule that do-over because I can't share with Hunter, whose birthday is tomorrow. Trevor had gotten me some new shoes and flowers, which I love. But we have been waiting for a couple weeks now for my new favortie toy ever. It came yesterday and I am so excited to take it out! I'm a little jealous that Trev and Stella already tested it out, in fact they already got it muddy. Now I can ride my bicycle everywhere! SO EXCITED!!!! It is actually in my garage right now! YAY! I gotta get out of this office ASAP so I can go play!
Thanks Trev for a GREAT birthday present! I have been dying to get one since Stella was born!
Love Love


  1. Happy late Birthday! Hope you are feeling much wiser. . . and that is a great present! I want one!

  2. You'll love it... it's a blast for the kids. Who would have thought these are the things we would get excited for?

  3. How fun. Let me know how you like it!