Sunday, May 3, 2009


My apologies for the disappearance on the blog front. Last week I worked 87 hours. To say the least I am tired. I just want to thank my dear husband for taking Stella every which way and a big thanks for all of you who watched her while I was at work and Trevor was finishing up finals. I can't wait to explain the horror of the past week, but let me tell you it involves the following: TV Boxes, a cage made from bookshelves and office furniture for Stella, Diet Coke, 843 miles on the Subuaru, customers physically pushing, mobbed by people at an apartment complex, and alot of Britney Spears.
On a much happier note, that lovely husband of mine is done with the last semester and finished up strong. He starts tomorrow with May term, less than 50 hours left in his college career! 50 HOURS LEFT. I love that I can count down in hours. If he was on my schedule he could have that done by Wednesday. Good luck baby, you can do it!

Love Love

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