Sunday, May 10, 2009

Month Eighteen

Stella June Bug,
You are a year and half and I can't believe it. You are officially out of control, in a good way of course. You are a fire cracker in every sense of the word. You never stop moving. You are always wiggling, running, skipping, high stepping, or fluttering. Ironically though, if you are strapped in somewhere you are just fine. Go figure.
This month your tantrums have seem to subside. You only get violent when you are tired, huh thats interesting so do I. . . I think things have gotten better because you are communicating so much more. You are putting 3 or more words together at once. So instead of hitting me, you tell me that you are hungry. "Cheeze Mom, Cheeze". Everything we say you repeat. You tell everyone hello, by saying "Hello {insert name here}Hello". It is hillarious to understand what you are saying, with those big baby blues and your blonde wavy hair. You are melting my heart with every sentence.
For Mothers day we opted out of church at our home ward, instead we went to church "Mama Deb" who doesn't like church on Mothers Day. So we went so you could entertain her. You just wandered back and for and smiled at everyone and as the meeting progressed you got more comfortable. By the end you were out the door running around like usual.

Your personality is cracking me these days. When we go out to dinner it is like a tornado. You want to be out of your high chair until your food comes, but when you get your food its game time. You just sit and enjoy. If what is on my plate looks more interesting you help yourself. Last night you climbed up on a chair and opened the pizza box to find yourself a slice of pizza. You then just picked off the olives, green peppers and the pepperonis and ate them. Your the only toddler I know who will pick the olives and green peppers off the pizza and just eat them, leaving the crust behind. Silly June Bug.
Since I have been working so much lately you and your dad have been having a blast together. I came home a few nights ago to find you guys riding bicycles together. Except you were not on your bicycle or in the chariot. Instead, you were in his arms and he was riding one handed. I chose to crop out the bicycle for fear that people will find it inappropriate, which it is.

Stella, the best part about you being 18 months old now is nursery. No more battling it out during Sunday School, or during my primary class. You just go hang out with your friends in nursery. It is so crazy to think that you are old enough to be there but boy oh boy do I LOVE IT. You haven't had a problem going, you love the toys and snack time. It makes going to church alot less exhausting.

Stella, you continue to be the light of our home. You make things fun and entertaining. I can't imagine our home without the pitter patter our your little feet. We love you so much.

Love Love


  1. I can't believe Stella is that old! It's crazy! Nursery for you... LUCKY!

  2. She is adorable, Tehmi! I love staying caught up on your blog. It helps me to feel like I'm not missing so much...

    Love you!