Friday, May 15, 2009


This last month has been completely out of control. I knew it was bound to happen, things had just been too calm lately. Things at work have changed substantially. As I sit here and write about all of the changes, it is so overwhelming I don't know where to begin. I was offered a promotion of sorts. It would have been irresponsible to not take. Even though I was loving the idea of just hanging out this summer with Stella at the pool, I couldn't turn this job down. It's bittersweet because I will now have to go into the office everyday all day. Since Stella was born I have walked the 12 steps to my office and she has followed. I have been coping with the idea that she will go to daycare everyday. Luckily I won't be commuting to Provo anymore; my office moves the end of this month to Murray; which is ten minutes from daycare and home. To say the least things are changing at our house. I might have to get it together and be organized, pack a diaper bag the night before maybe. Trev keeps reminding me that we aren't the first people to take our kid to daycare all week. My mom tried to comfort me by referencing Brian as a daycare kid... I think we can attribute most of Brian's weirdness to daycare :). I am slowly wrapping my mind around it. I just keep thinking, when am I going to get my hair cut? Or when do I scrub the toilets, and grocery shop? I guess I will be hitting up the 24 hour grocery store and doing chores on Saturday morning.
I am getting excited for the new job duties, it will be challenging. I keep calling it my grown up job. Hopefully when things get settled and moved into the new office it will be alot easier.

We will be spending the summer adjusting to family time or the lack of. Quality vs Quantity right? Right? That's what I keep telling myself.

Thanks to all of you who have watched Stella these past couple of weeks!

Love Love

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