Friday, July 10, 2009

month twenty

Oh Stella,
What a toddler you have become, more or less a two year old it feels like. You talk. You talk alot. In full sentences, all day. You ask me a thousand times a day "Where Daddy Go?" "Where Hunter go?" "Where Mommy Go?" "Where Boley go?" "Where Grama go?" "Where Tenny go?" "Where Daddy Go?" "Where Hunter go?" "Where Mommy Go?" "Where Boley go?" "Where Grama go?" "Where Tenny go?" "Where Bampa go?" and on and on. I finally started retaliating with "Where did Stella go?" Then you will point at your chest and die laughing.
It is getting harder and harder to distract you. We can no longer change the subject and you are done wanting to run around with the golf club. Now you never want to let go of the golf club, you will hold onto until I pry your little, sweaty fingers off of it. Then you bite me. Then you spend minutes in time out until you can tell me that we don't bite and your sorry. It is exhausting. Between the screeching when you don't get what you want and you running away from me, to me, or in circles it's exhausting. You are one busy kid. Very busy kid.The biggest development this month is Sesame Street. Maybe because I need you to sit with me while I am sick in the mornings or that you just love Sesame Street. You will watch episode after episode. You love the Cookie Monker, Ocar, Telly, Big Bird, and Grober. Today when it was on you came running into my office to tell me that Cookie Monker was on! You were sooo excited that he was there eating his cookies. You just had to tell me all about it four times that you missed the whole segment about him. We had to rewind. Elmo gets you to take your naps and to be quiet, if we tell you that Elmo is sleeping you say "Shhhh Elmo sleepy" and you cuddle right up next to him. Thank you Sesame Street for your Elmo dolls. You love to take care of it, and you don't really care that I took the batteries out so he no longer giggles and tells stories to you. There is only so much anyone can take. You push him in the stroller, you change his diaper and give him a bottle. You will wrap him up in a blanket and read him a story. It is so cute. It makes me feel really excited for you to be a big sister. I hoping you don't try to sell it or shove raisins up its nose. One can hope right?Your new favorite food is mac n cheze. You will eat bowls of it. We go to Dans grocery store and they have mac and cheese in the deli, its actually pretty good. You will eat the whole cup. You are starting to realize that Kraft isn't really cutting it. I will have to cut back on the good stuff, you are to young to have a preference for the labor intensive pasta. You also LOVE resins. LOVE them. You would eat them all day long if I would let you. They are our lifesaver during sacrament meeting. You will eat 3 or 4 little boxes. It could be worse, you could love skittles or something.
Church has become something of a enjoyable experience. You can't wait to get to nursery. I don't even have to walk you in, I open the door and you are at a dead sprint for the kids and the toys. And when I pick you up and you have your little coloring picture and you are waiving bye to the leaders and your friends, it melts my heart. I am so grateful that I don't have to sit with you in there, and that you are the happy kid in nursery. I really worry that you will be the kid who hits or bullies or cries in the corner. Instead you are the one who talks. Which I guess is an OK thing to be.
When we go into sacrament meeting, we never leave now. We lock you into a church pew and we don't let you down. Between all the fruit nacks and resins you are content. We have also learned you love to color. You want your PAPER and PEN to COLOR. You really just want to make one scribble then put the lid back on the invisible marker. Then you take it off and make one scribble and put it back on. It is a very tedious process, but it keeps you entertained.
Anytime you are going somewhere you always tell me Bye. "Bye Mommy, BYE." You keep telling me until I reply with "Bye Stella". Even if you are just going upstairs, or in the other room. Communication really is the best. You can say everybodies names, and you remember them. You say "Hi" to every employee at Sports Den. You tell them about your day and what you want. You know that Julie has the treats and you know if you go and get her she will give you anything you want. The best part about it is, you are telling me these things. It's not just something you are doing, you are asking for Julie, then when you find her you tell her you want a treat. It is so adorable. It melts anyone's hearts, especially mine.
Stella you are making this pregnancy alot more exhausting than yours, but you are making it so much better because you are a constant reminder of what is the light at the end. Thank you for that, thank you for bringing joy in our lives. It would be really easy to focus on the sick and the bummer part of these last few weeks. But you bring light into all. I love you so much.

Love Love

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