Monday, April 21, 2014


This year our "Easter Photos" came from our own couch instead of my parents entry way. Which is where they've been taken for the last 6 years. I guess I could have gone over there and set my camera up and taken them just for the sake of tradition. But that's no fun if my parents aren't there. It was slightly chaotic, but I've come to expect that from remote control photos.
It's becoming very evident that Gus has a stopping point with his sisters. (And this might be my favorite photo in a long time)
He also got new top siders for church, but wore them for about 12 minutes and they rubbed a blister on his heel. So he refused to move. They seem like the most perfect church shoes to me. immobilizing.
I could eat these two up...
I hope your Easter was filled with lots of ham and cadbury eggs!

love love

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