Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Saturday Matinee

Today we decided to take Stella to her very first movie. Since I haven't been feeling so well a cold movie theatre out of the heat seemed like something we could do as a family out of the house. We wanted to take her to see Ice Age, we thought she might be entertained by that. But the internet was wrong and we missed the time by about 45 minutes. The only other kid movie playing within the hour was G-Force 3-D. Um... We tried it. My advice is don't take a 1 year old to a movie that requires glasses. Otherwise she just gets annoyed. We bought her alittle box of popcorn and a drink, got her a booster seat, she was ready to go. We got there a little early and that was ok in the begining, because we spilled all of the popcorn and her drink. We had to get more. She was good for about 45 minutes into the movie, but the damn glasses. If you don't have them on then the whole movie is blurry. A real attention grabber. After she bounced back and forth to Trevor and I a few times we left. It was nice attempt, and one I think we will try again; But with a more interesting movie without glasses, and I don't think we will show up 10 minutes early, how about right during the previews?

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