Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pregnancy often leads to infancy

Well it has been an interesting week at our house old. This child that I am growing is trying to kill me, and it is doing its very very best to succeed. I was put on a more regular IV schedule, by regular I mean 2 bags a day every day. I get a new IV every couple of days, sometimes more if my veins don't hold up. Lately my veins aren't holding up. They are exploding. And when they explode they look like this:

Don't worry it only took about 12 hours for my arm to get back to normal. They say that this IV therapy is supposed to make me feel amazing, but its really not. Yesterday I took 2 bags very nicely and ate some oatmeal. After I unhooked the IV bag, I threw up everything, and felt awful. It was a long drive home. I've even started puking in the middle of the night, which is so great to wake up to that feeling. Don't you all just want to run out and get pregnant right now? It is a good thing that this pregnancy stuff leads to babies, because they are cute enough to block your memory of the first 4 months.
Trevor still doesn't understand that I feel terrible. He is really getting bored with me being sick and him having to take care of Stella 100% of the time. I am so grateful he does though, becuase June Bug is alot of work, and energy. Something I don't have any of right now. Between my parents, Hunter and Trevor, Stella has been very well entertained these last few weeks. I am really starting to miss her. I miss being able to take care of her, or even myself rather. If I can get out of bed and work from desk downstairs its a positive day. Today I am still in bed in curled up in a ball. Hopefully just a few more weeks of this and my life will stabalize. Hopefully.
This kid better be really cute and really well behaved...


  1. Wow Tehmi. That sucks. Hope you get over this stuff soon. At least you've got Ryan Adams. Hang in there.

  2. Sorry Tehmi. Don't worry it will totally be worth it once it's born oh and sleeping through the night oh and potty trained oh and...

    But on a positive note I believe it's going to be one cute baby.

    Hang in there.

  3. thats terrible! my sister was way sick with both her kids and had a pick line for both of the pregnancies. she had to carry a little drip bag in a backpack for the whole 9 months! she was miserable!! i hope you get better soon. the baby will be worth it though!