Monday, August 10, 2009

What is wrong with me?

Why can I not shave my legs with out slicing them open? Seriously? I just got out of the tub and was so excited to soak and shave my legs, we all know how my personal hygeine has taken backseat. But lets get real here, nobody should cut themselves this badly after a decade of shaving their legs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I was focusing, I was using soap and a new razor. I had no distractions. The skin from my shin was ravelled around the razor. Sorry Trev I'm going to have to stop shaving for a while, mass amounts of blood loss are not good for anyone involved.


  1. Good one Tehm. I love Stella's cowboy boots too and I'm glad your posting more... I love checking in to see what's up with my friends that I miss so much.

  2. Oh my! That little picture of Stella in her pink shirt and boots is soooo cute!

  3. that is the worst razor cut i have ever seen! ouch!!