Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glory Glory

When a pregnant woman goes to her monthly doctor appointment what is the very best news that the doctor can tell you? Well it starts like this "Last time you were in you gained a lot of weight but the baby was measuring about a week smaller than your due date. Today it doesn't look like you gained much weight and the baby seems to have grown like crazy, in fact you are now measuring 4 days ahead of your estimated due date. In fact given your last baby we can go ahead and schedule you to get induced a week before your due date."
Music to my ever loving ears! Every pregnant girl wants to be told you are more pregnant than you thought! And to think that I will be able to get up shower, shave my legs, blow dry my hair and apply some mascara before saying hello to our newest addition.
I have been grinning all week!
There are lots of terrible down falls to a second pregnancy, but this has been the best part! In my mind I have been planning on a baby coming a few days after my due date, I haven't wanted to set myself up for an enormous amount of anxiety. But now I get to plan on a baby week sooner! Eek. I better hurry up and get it together, Christmas will be here sooner than I could ever think, and then the next thing you know it will be January and that's the same month this little girl is scheduled to arrive.
But a baby a week sooner? Glorious words to my ears!


  1. oh yay! This is great news! I cant wait to see your little Ruby and the sooner she gets here the better!