Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's My Party...

Stella had my kind of birthday, the kind that lasts for days. Last Friday, Kenny and Tehmi arrived for a birthday celebration. Stella figured out real quick how to open presents and blow out candles, by the end of the night she could sing Happy Birthday. Who doesn't love to be sung to? This morning when she stood at her bedroom door screaming for Trev and I to come and get her, I made Trevor come with me so we could greet her with a Happy Birthday song. We opened the door singing and she started sobbing and ran to her bed yelling "No more singing, No more singing". I'm blaming Trevors sleepy voice that scared her. I told her she could have whatever she wanted for breakfast, sh asked for orange pancakes in the oben. That would be German pancakes for those of you that don't speak Stella. We played in the leaves and raked them all up, we watched all of her favorite episodes of Sesame Street. She was pretty excited to find out that it was Sesame Streets 40th birthday as well today. We sang to big bird. We went to the cute little candy store down the street where I told Stella she could pick out any candy she wanted and a toy. She didn't know what to do since I usually leave her in the stroller outside with someone else, there are way to many things she can break and eat in Jolleys. Of all the jars of candies and treats she decided on one package of Smarties. Every candy in the world at her finger tips and she wants the 10 cent roll of smarties. Whose weird child is this? After the smartie decision she immediately chose to come home with Big Bird, he has become her new favorite. She didn't let go of him all day.
All day she has been so excited for Bampa Trace and Grama Deb to come and celebrate. At 4 o'clock she called Grama Deb and asked "When you coming to see me?" Then she found out Uncle Hunter was coming, and it was like she had eaten a pixie stick she was so excited.
After more presents and more cake I snuggled her in bed thinking about the first night I had with her and what a strange feeling it was to have a given birth to a perfect smooshed little girl. Tonight was a lot less painful than the night she born, but just as amazing and strange to think, I have a two year old; a two year old who wanted to sing "Happy Birthday" just one more time before she fell asleep. A girl after my own heart.
Happy Birthday June Bug!

Love Love

*Update: The last two photos are from her two different birthday parties, one on Friday she was wearing a brown and white striped short sleeved shirt. Yesterday, her birthday, we sang to her she was wearing a black and white long sleeved shirt. Sorry for fashion faux paux...


  1. Ok, is it me... or did her black and white striped shirt magically grow sleeves?

  2. And where did the table cloth go?

  3. She is the cutest little mini-me (mini-Tehmi) I've ever seen! What a big girl!