Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Month twenty four

Month twenty four, I can't believe we are here already. You are two years old today! Happy Birthday! As I have thought about you being two years old it makes me sad and oh so excited at the very same time. There are so many things I want to remember about you at this age, I feel like I am losing my mind so quickly these days that there isn't anyway to remember when you rubbed my back last night and sweetly asked if I was ok? You have a sense of compassion that doesn't come from me or your father. Most of your life people have always wanted to pick apart your dad and me in you, forgetting that you are you. You are this bundle of personality. Your facial expressions tell me everything, your body language confirms everything you are thinking and then you tell me your thoughts just in case I missed it.
You like to be alone, you like to be in a party. You are independent but want to snuggle when you are feeling sad. You worship your father, he's become your play buddy but you run to me in the calmness to tell me a story or to snuggle. I love snuggling with you in your big girl bed, reading to you. We sing lots of songs together, you like to mix them all up. The itsy bitsy spider usually comes after l-m-n-o-p in the alphabet. You will tell me all about your day at daycare, who you got to play with and who took a nap. You help me fix dinner, and if you are hungry you will tell me what you want. If your not hungry you tell me, and you won't eat at all. After the second time you told me you weren't hungry and you left an untouched bowl of mac-n-cheese, I decided to listen.
You won't let us eat with out praying, and now you say the prayer. Last week as we blessed our apple jacks, you told Heavenly Father you were grateful for Grama's Cows. I couldn't help but smile and hope you always tell your Heavenly Father how grateful you are for Grama's Cows, cause I surely am.When we play kitchen and you cook me eggs and sandwiches we have to pray first. It melts my heart, reminds me in the moments when I wonder what the hell I am doing, that I'm doing something right.
You know you are loved. You read situations, you already understand tension and know how to calm it away. You pat me on my back and ask if everyone is ok? You are truly and genuinely concerned if people are ok. You don't like it when people are sad, you want to make them feel better. It is such a sweet personality. But your not just a undeniably sweet child, you are charismatic. You are happy, cheerful, giddy in fact. You are a pleasure to be around. You are busy, always moving, always talking to someone. It gets frustrating when we take you places where you can't move around; where you are forced to sit still when all you want to do is explore. But if you can go and feel like you are independent it is fine. But when you feel confined you let me know it, most of the time I ignore you, because sometimes life is confining and you don't always get what you want because you tell me so.
Stella, I love you so much. I love every moment I get to spend with you. I'm so grateful that you are my child, and am so excited for the next years of your life. I can't wait to see you grow and love your baby sister. Being a big sister will be a terrific role for you, one I hope you love.
Happy Birthday June Bug!
Love Love


  1. Too stinkin cute! What a wonderful mom you are. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Stella! She's adorable!