Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its not theft if you leave something to trade

This morning Trevor and I awoke before Stella did, a miracle in this house hold. We decided to get out of bed and have some moments in the house without Stella, something that never happens either. Trevor snuck out first carefully tip toeing out the door to shovel the snow that had fallen. I hear him brush his teeth and put on his coat and carefully close the back door. I now have the entire bed to myself and I have become a starfish in the middle of it. Thirty seconds later I hear the back door open and I roll over to find Trevor standing over the bed with that look in his eyes. The look that says "Oh shit something is wrong". Well something indeed was wrong, our garage was broken into and Trevors very nice mountain bike was traded. Yes traded. The theif left their bike for us as a trade. Apparently he just wanted an upgrade from his purple $79.00 Kmart special. Isn't that so nice? Nothing else was stolen from the garage, just the bike.
This is how we found our new mountain bike this morning.

After filing our police report and insurance claim, there wasn't much else we could do but laugh. I mean it was 3 degrees last night, can you imagine the thief riding Trevors bike away? FREEZING. Trev wanted to put a sign on our new purple bike telling the theif that he hope he froze. This sign would have been perfect.


  1. Hey! maybe our car thief is the same person who stole your bike and they might not even make it out the city before ditching it for a better model. Lets hope so. That sucks hard!
    Tell Trev I LOVE his poster.

  2. I'm SO sorry to hear that, but none the less, the best story I've heard all year!

  3. So this is super sad... but you guys crack me up! Seriously, I was laughing out loud when I read this!

  4. good for you for laughing. I would have gotten pissed and cried if any of our bikes were stolen!

  5. Ash and i were laughing our butts off at the lost bike poster.. so funny! Sorry he lost his bike though!

  6. Hahahah! I had to read it again.
    So funny.
    And also so very sad.
    I'm sorry your bike got stolen, Trev.