Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Channeling the Tolbert side

This last week I have been channeling my Tolbert side. I have been playing with power tools. Sometime this spring, we were walking down the street on a Saturday morning to get some bagels and stumbled across this yard sale. I found this terrific little dresser. It was a strange color of yellow, missing a knob and the side was split. Nothing a little sand paper and wood glue couldn't fix. I bought it. $15.00. We live in this really great little house on the corner of a great neighborhood in the middle of Sugarhouse. WE HAVE NO CLOSETS. Nothing drives me crazier about this little house. There is no room for a coat or 47 pairs of shoes. Having dressers is a necessary item. This one is small enough that I could use it as a night stand as well, multifunctional!
Well spring turned into summer, summer then into fall and what do you know, fall turned into winter and that cute little dresser still sat in the garage. Well, then I decided that I needed to nest and that perfect little dresser would be great for baby girl. So I kept telling Trevor what I was going to do with it, he didn't like my game plan. After a week of our passive aggressive fighting over it, I told him I didn't care what he thought about it. I was going to sand it, stain it and replace the knobs. I wasn't asking for his help, I was just going to do it. So I did. 8 months pregnant I made my way to the tool store and purchased an electric sander, oddly enough Trevor was in full support of me buying the bigger sander.
I sent Stella to daycare and Trevor to work. I got up early and got my work to do list out of the way and then bundled up for a day in the garage. It was 10 degrees. 3 days later I was finished. I didn't realize how tired sanding paint off of a dresser would be. Maybe its the part of me that is 8 months pregnant that makes it so exhausting. But a few hot baths later and a heating pad on my aching back, it was finished! It just needed a few more days to dry, wood stain has a hard time drying when its 8 degrees outside. I couldn't wait any longer, so I had to take a picture when it was still wet, hence the crazy amount of shine.
I am really excited with how the dresser turned out! I think Trevor might be as well. The only bummer is now, I am not sure where to put it, since there isn't a lot extra space in the girls room. I will find a place, I have to. I worked really hard to make that dresser terrific!

* I also didn't buy enough pulls, so I have to make my way back to Home Depot for one more. So I suppose its almost done.


  1. AWESOME! You'll have to teach me how to do stuff like this. I always see things that have potential and think, "Na- I can't fix that"

  2. Love it! Power tools make me feel like super woman...until I have to get my husband to figure them out for me. :) I'm in awe that you refinished it being EIGHT MONTHS pregnant.

    P.S. I love how you did the blog header. Genious. Pure genious.