Monday, December 21, 2009

Party #723

The annual Tolbert Family Christmas party was held this past weekend, and once again it did not disappoint. Grandma Beth has been organizing this lovely tradition since, well way long before I was born. With only a few modifications, the party is the exact same every year; sometimes I still miss the pinata. But every year I am amazed at how much our family grows. There are currently 13 great grandchildren and 4 on the way. That is a lot of children under the age of 8. Santa comes to visit every year and Stella was really excited to see him. Her eyes would light up with the idea of Mr. Clause visiting her, but the reality was a lot scarier. It took a hand hold from Aunt Colly to get her to sit on his lap.

She has been asking for a Christmas Tree, candy and a new dolly. I think Santa will be able to handle that.

After a feast of all feasts, a little nativity production was put on by the great grand kids, and the last remaining unmarried grand kids. It was so cute to see all those angels coming in. Stella was an angel this year, and after she stopped pulling everyone's halos off she was a true gem, an angel in fact. It was so cute to see her walk in with all the other angels.
It was a great party! So glad for all of our family and for grandparents that keep such a great tradition going! MERRRRY CHRRISSTMMMASSSS!

Love Love

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  1. We miss you guys in Denver but sounds like you are having fun!! Have a Merry Christmas!!