Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Month Twenty Seven

Dear Stella,
We have had a big month you and I, and all things considered you have done amazing. Considering your entire world was turned upside down, then we shook it and put it in a blender, you have done amazing. As a big sister goes, you have done so well. You have done much better than I would have imagined. You are kinder and more understanding to Ruby than anticipated. You love her so much.
Yesterday Ruby was fussing in the car and you just tried to talk to her. "Ruuuby, its ok Ruuuby. Don't cry Ruuuby. Ruuuby stop crying please." Sometimes I forgot how sweet you are Stella. It hides underneath all the enormous amount of energy you have. But sometimes it sneaks out in between the twirling around and the running down the hall. Gramma Deb was here last week, she made a great observation, you don't walk anywhere. You are always going full speed. Always. You would think with all that energy you expend through out the day that you would sleep better at night, oh how I wish.
Your hair is getting longer, and blonder. Your eyes are getting bluer and bigger. Your dad was so kind you teach you how to pull chairs over to the counter so you can get whatever you want. He also let you drive home from the market. But not without making a deal with you, the deal being that you can only drive when we are coming home from the market. We drive past the market 14 times a day. The idea of deals has really stuck with you. You now try to negotiate very well, it works much better on your father than it does with me. Maybe that's why you have more fun with him.
Stella, I love you so much. I am so grateful that you are taking this new baby sister with stride. If I can just remember that you are only two years old and that playing cars on the floor makes you the happiest little girl we will be set. Thank you for keeping us on our toes.

Love Love

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