Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have been creatively stumped for the last week, sorry for the lack of blogging Dad. I haven't been surfing the Internet, reading other blogs, I'm behind on all of "my shows", I am in desperate need of a hair cut and my cookie jar is empty. GASP! We have immersed back into real life and are trying to establish some sort of routine around here. I would incorporate filling the cookie jar into our new found balance, but then I would eat them and that's not helping anyone.

The last of the visitors came and went this week, so now we have no choice but to establish real life routine. Kenny, Alex and Tehmi came to introduce themselves to Ruby, and I think Stella was most excited to show her off. The moment Alex walked in the door, Stella went into complete overdrive. Running around in circles and occasionally JUMPING around in circles. I don't know who was more exhausted when she left, me or Stella. Watching all the energy bounce around can really take it out of a person.
Now that there are no more visitors coming I am slowly going back to work, although when I tell my bosses that I'm gradually working more hours I somehow end up working 8 hours opposed to 9. I guess if we are going to be stuck inside hiding from the germs and freezing weather we might as well work on a spreadsheet or two.
Ruby has gotten so big this last week, gaining 2 pounds. At her two week appointment she had the dreaded PKU and she weighed 7lbs 11 oz. Then we got a call last week saying that the PKU was declined by the state and we had to do it again. ARGH. She was a champ though, it must have been because she now weighs 9lbs 13 oz. I'm glad I'm not the one gaining 2lbs in 10 days anymore. She is moving way to quickly out of this itty bitty stage. It is good she is thriving, but she could slow down just a little bit. She is starting to be awake more, unfortunately its usually between the hours of 3am and 5am. We are working on that. I am armed with cold wet wipes when she decides to sleep all day long and just snack on a bottle.

Stella is adjusting to having her baby sister in the same room. She is learning to be a much more sound sleeper. We've had to make bedtime an hour later to insure that she sleeps sounder, otherwise she struts into our room at 4am singing the wheels on the bus. Last night after several stories and a session of shadow puppets she fell asleep like a rock. It was pretty safe to say that Ruby screaming wasn't going to wake her. Yes there are 3 baby dolls with her, and each one has their own blanket.
Of course, when she did wake up at exactly 7:28am, like she does every morning, she had to assist with the morning bottle. It's nice to have someone volunteering to take over.
Everyday gets easier, Stella is settling into a rhythm. Although visitors are amazing, it is nice to have them gone. So we can have some consistency around here, just the simple things like making dinner and having bath time. Trevor and I have even established a little gym time, I go when the kids are asleep and he goes while we fix dinner. Yesterday I left for a quick work out and both girls were awake. I was a little nervous leaving Stella jumping around and Ruby wide awake with Trevor. It would be is first time alone at home with the girls awake. When I came back an hour later, every toy was on the floor, Ruby was still awake and hungry and Stella was running around naked. Trevor insisted he was just fine and had it all under control, but I saw the look of relief when I walked in the door. I don't think I will be leaving him with both of them awake for a little while.
Everything will settle here shortly, I'm hoping!


  1. oh man, love when the daddy's "everything is fine" looks like "what the crap have you done around here!" I am glad a routine is getting established. I hope you are getting some sleep too. YOu sure have bounced back to real life a lot sooner than most women. You are working alot and exercising already! Crazy crazy!

  2. Funny! Good luck with your routine. :) I'm sure it will all come together soon enough. I love that Stella wants to help feed her bottles. That is super sweeet!

  3. Love the picture of Stella sleeping!!