Monday, April 12, 2010

Contrast and Compare

Everyone says Ruby is the spit and image of her father, the dark skinned ethnic soul. Which is true, she does look more like him than me. When Stella was that age, she looked just like him as well.But I stumbled upon a picture that might lead me to believe that this little girl has more Tolbert in her that we all think. I think what we have here is the next generation Micall and Tehmi on our hands.
I was probably 8 and Mic was 6 years old in this photo...

Now here we are, all grown up... I'm still fair skinned and blonde and she is olive complexion and dark hair.It might be to early to tell with Ruby, but I think I can see where this is going.

I think Mic and I turned out just fine, these two little ones can follow in our footsteps any day!

Love Love


  1. that picture is outside the alpine post office remember! mom had 5 pictures left on a roll of film so she made us sit there and smile!!! we are pretty cute and your girls are cuter!!

  2. I haven't looked at blogs forever and I thought I would see how you were doing! Your girls are so stinking cute. I don't know how you are handling 2! Somedays I don't think I can handle 1!

  3. yes!! i love it.
    and you guys did turn out great- and so will your girls:)
    i can't wait to see a picture of stella & ruby when they are 8 & 6.

  4. They'll not only be just fine -- they'll both be gorgeous, just like you and Micall. :) Love all these posts. I love the way you write to each of them periodically. You'll all love looking back at those little details of your lives. :) Wish I'd done that.