Saturday, April 10, 2010

Month Twenty Nine

Dear Stella,
We are friends again. YIPPEE. Oh I can't tell you how much more fun you are now that we are friends again. Grandma Deb has been holding Ruby a lot these days and you and I have been running around. We sometimes jump on the trampoline, or go for drives. We help cook dinner and we snuggle before bed time. You are making days the very best.
I found a new daycare for you to go to, and you are in heaven. Seriously, you love it. I took you for a trial run for just a couple of hours and you cried for a moment and it was hard to leave you. Then the next week when it was game time for an all day affair at "Pretty School" you ran in the house and never looked back at me. I don't know what was more heart breaking, you begging me to not leave or not noticing that I was leaving. It feels good to know that you love being social. You found baby chicks at "Pretty School" and when I came to pick you up you had to take me around back and look at them. You were so excited that maybe next time you could hold one. We came home and you told Uncle Hunter all about it... for days. You love it so much! It makes everything so much easier when you do love it.

These days you love to be outside, LOVE IT. But you have to tell me when you are going outside so I know where you are at all times. You just chase around those silly dogs and jump on the trampoline. Then you come inside when you are cold. I can't wait for the summer when you will live and breath outside in a little mini wading pool in your swimming suit.

Everything is changing these days, our life is spinning around really fast. I'm trying to stabilize it for you, but you don't seem to need me to. You are rolling with the hiccups better than anyone could ever ask for, and I couldn't be more blessed. We will have many more hiccups in this game of life, but if we stick together it will be ok. You make me laugh, smile and cry all within moments. A few weeks ago I was having a bad day which lead to some tears; you came over to me and wiped away a tear and said, "Your heart hurts Mommy?" You are a sweet loving little girl, you genuinely care about the people around you. I am so grateful for that sensitive side, you are a lover not a fighter and I hope that never changes.
Thank you for making my heart feel better with your sweet smile June Bug. I love you.

Love Love

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