Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Month Thirty

Dear Stella June,
Oh my little June Bug, I can't believe you are another month older. I can't believe you are two and half. Craziness. We've had another whirlwind month and you've walked out, actually skipped and twirled out of it on top. The changes in our lives have started to take a toll your bobbing blue eyes. You have become rather glued to my hip, sometimes I really love that you can't live without me. Other times I feel like that's how you are coping with the changes of our lives and I worry. I am sure its not the only time in your life I will worry about you.
You are getting tired of the rain and snow outside. You would much rather have the sunshine, without the wind. The sun finally peeked out last week but it was accompanied with the wind. You were mad at it. You hated it. You ran back inside and stared out the window at Boley instead of playing with him.
You have fallen in love once again with TJ. You are more excited to see him than even Hunter or your dad. It is so cute to watch him play with you and you run circles around him. Where oh where does all the energy come from? Aside from just playing and running around you have come leaps and bounds on being obedient. When I ask you to not squeeze Ruby, you generally stop squeezing her the first time I ask you. It has taken quite a bit of work to get there and its not perfect yet. The timeouts have been less and less these days, and usually when I put you in timeout, you fall asleep before I come back. It is sort of sweet to see you curled over asleep in the timeout chair.
June, I love you so much, and as I am away on business right now I miss you so much. More than I ever would have imagined. I miss snuggling with you and ready a story with you. I miss picking you up from school to listen to you tell me all about your day. I miss you helping me getting ready, and anxiously awaiting me to paint your finger nails. I love you so much more than you will ever know, well at least until we get to month three hundred and sixty. Then you might have a little blue eyed blond of your own and you can understand these letters a little more.
I love you.

Love Love

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  1. i love reading these sweet letters that you write to your girls...what an amazing thing for them to have when they're older!!