Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It has begun...

I think since my arrival back at home everyone has been waiting and waiting for my baking bug to kick in. To be honest, I was wondering as well. The last few weeks I have been absorbed into the girls and work. But I decided it was time to start soothing my own soul; I baked bread. Once I started, I just kept going and going. I have been whipping up small batches every couple of days since then. If your on the grumpy list, I wouldn't be surprised if a loaf of piping hot bread showed up on your door step.

There is something about kneading bread and forming loaves that triggers happiness inside of me. I get to be lost in my own world for those few minutes and focus on only the bread. It doesn't take long and its transformed into a perfect golden loaf that everyone inhales. It makes me feel good to see people enjoying the things I make. I think I will keep baking bread.

1 comment :

  1. Would you please bake some for ME?? I'll even come get it . . . looks delish. And I want to hug ya for some crazy reason??? Love your guts!